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Graduates attending Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) graduation exercise on Sunday (August 9) were encouraged to use current challenges to develop creativity in moving the nation forward.
“I encourage you to treat each obstacle as precious memories. Go out as pragmatic visionaries, young people who aspire to acquire great goals, who are imbued with the drive to get things done,” said Jamaican born and Washington- based entrepreneur, Professor Milton Morris.
“Remembering that without challenges, there would be little drive to test your own creativity in doing something different,” he told the 2009 NCU graduating class at the main campus in Mandeville Manchester.
Acting Dean at the institution’s College of Business and Hospitality Management, Dr. Andrea Baldwin, said that the students have overcome sleepless nights, completing assignments and meeting deadlines, and are now equipped to meet new challenges.

Jamaican born and Washington based entrepreneur, Professor Milton Morris, as he addresses Northern Caribbean University (NCU) graduates on Sunday (August 9). Over 1100 students graduated from the institution.

“The values, attitudes and beliefs learnt at this institution will accompany you into every board room, every collegial exchange and, if practised right, will arrest every social ill that begins,” she stated.
Chairman of Jamaica Broilers Group, Robert Levy, who shared with the graduates the impact of his spiritual awakening on his personal and business life, pledged to work with Head of the University, Dr. Herbert Thomson, to find ways to help male students.
“I am excited with the graduation class, and I will be discussing with your President some form of scholarships, of assistance for male students to complete their education at NCU,” Mr. Levy said.
The institution staged two commencement exercises, where over eleven hundred students graduated.

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