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The National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) in the Office of the Prime Minister, will host its second awards ceremony of the National Medal for Science and Technology at Vale Royal on Thursday, January 12 beginning at 7:00 p.m.
The National Medal for Science and Technology is a special honour bestowed by Prime Minister P. J. Patterson on Jamaicans who have made outstanding contributions in Natural and Applied Sciences, including Engineering. The award is intended to highlight the importance of science and technology to national development.
Mr. Patterson will deliver the main address at the awards ceremony.
Executive Director at the NCST, Merline E. Bardowell explained that the medal might be awarded to any citizen of Jamaica, during his or her lifetime or posthumously, whose “work in the natural and applied sciences has contributed to the pool of scientific knowledge, and through application, to Jamaica’s social and economic development”.
Mrs. Bardowell told JIS News that the recipient of the National Medal would be selected from among nine nominees of “very distinguished scientists and technologists.” Along with the medal, she continued, the recipient would receive a certificate, a framed citation and cash award of $1 million.
“In addition to recognizing performance, the medal also sets standards to which scientists can aspire, and should encourage careers in science and technology as well as greater application of the scientist’s work,” she noted, adding that the medal impacted in a very positive way and “brings to the nation the importance of science and technology in our country’s development”.
Mrs. Bardowell pointed out that an Advisory Board on the Award of the National Medal for Science and Technology makes the recommendation for the award to the Prime Minister.
The Board consists of representatives from the academic, scientific and technological communities in Jamaica, including representatives from both public and private sectors.
The Executive Director noted that the awards ceremony would be held biennially with a maximum of two awards being presented.
Previous recipients of the National Medal for Science and Technology, which was awarded for the first time in 2003, include Dr. Arnoldo Ventura and Professor Gerald Lalor. The Medal was awarded posthumously to Dr. T.P. Lecky, Dr. Cicely Williams and Austin Thomas.

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