JIS News

The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) has expanded its community clinic and services outreach programme to include clinics in Westmoreland and St. Ann.
Director of Information and Research at the NCDA, Ellen Campbell-Grizzle, told JIS News that the move will help the organization to bring drug rehabilitation programmes closer to the community, and represents a strengthening of its efforts to assist Jamaicans who are grappling with drug abuse problems.
“The NCDA collaborates with these clinics in providing services to people, who are having drug abuse problems. They are linked to us online, they provide feedback, and we have trained counsellors who support the needs of the people at the community level,” informed Mrs. Grizzle.
She said that this newly expanded service will help to reduce the demand for services in Kingston, as individuals requiring the service of the NCDA will now be able to have real time access to assistance via the Internet or telephone. “This will also prove less costly for individuals residing outside of Kingston, to gain ready access to these services,” she noted.
Meanwhile, the NCDA and the Ministry of Health and Environment recently collaborated to launch “Homeless Population: Tek It To Them”, a programme, which seeks to assist homeless individuals infected with HIV/AIDS, or who have a drug abuse problem, to receive health care.
“We will be taking them off the streets, giving them a bath, food, and providing them with the necessary medication for HIV and treatment for substance abuse,” the Director said.
While acknowledging that similar services for street people do exist, she emphasised that this programme will specifically target people with drug abuse problems and those living with HIV/AIDS.
“We are trying to improve their quality of life, and to take them to a place where they can get help for their physical and physiological well being. If you see someone in a problem living on the streets, please call us and we will arrange for them to be picked up,” she appealed.