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Legislation is being crafted for the development of a public procurement regime, which will legally separate the National Contracts Commission (NCC) from the Office of the Contractor General (OCG).

The independent NCC, will be renamed the Public Procurement Commission.

Making the announcement at the Jamaica House press briefing on Wednesday, March 20, Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer, explained that the law will define the proposed institutional arrangements and functions of the NCC as an independent body.

It will also outline the proposed organisational structure, the physical and financial resources for the NCC Secretariat, and define the role of the Ministry of Finance and Planning in the establishment of the body.

Senior Director in charge of Procurement and Asset Policy in the Finance Ministry, Cecile Maragh, explained that the separation of the NCC from the OCG has been long in the making, as several assessments done by development partners, have highlighted the ambiguity between the two bodies.

“You will see clear lines of functionality of the two organisations…the NCC has long relied on the resources of the Contractor General’s office, and now, with the separation, they (NCC) will have their own staff, which has one function of registering contractors,” she outlined.

She said the legislation, being drafted by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, will establish clear lines of demarcation between the entities.

By Alphea Saunders, JIS Reporter

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