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As Hurricane Emily bears down on the island, the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is on full alert to respond to any emergencies, and is preparing to assist the other agencies to clear roadways should they become blocked.
Director of Enforcement and Compliance at the NWA, Ann-Marie Rodrigues told JIS News that the Authority’s heavy equipment, trucks and tractors have been mobilised and were on stand by.
According to Ms. Rodriguez, the NSWMA is currently removing bulky waste, derelict vehicles and appliances from the roadways, so that they do not become wind-blown missiles during the hurricane.
“We are moving much more rapidly than previously in getting those off the roads,” she said, adding that they are also “working with the National Works Agency (NWA) and the parish councils in clearing debris from some drains, where the assistance has been requested, to expedite the removal”.
“We are asking citizens that on the approach of the disposal units that whatever perishable items are in their homes be removed to avoid them rotting on householders in the absence of electricity,” she continued.
She informed that where possible, householders should cover their garbage collection containers to prevent water getting into them.
“We find that after a heavy downpour water is mixed with the garbage and it becomes difficult for the waste collectors and sidemen to lift them unto the unit,” she noted.
The NSWMA has implemented clean-up activities regarding waste generation, in preparation for the hurricane season as well as any interruption in the normal collection cycle.
Meanwhile, the NSWMA is also clearing the backlog of solid waste that accumulated while the Authority’s units were down. Skips are also being cleared and turned upside down to avoid water gathering in them.

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