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Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, has welcomed today’s announcement by British State Minister for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Jeremy Browne that the United Kingdom is entering into a partnership with the Ministry and the Inter-American Development Bank with the aim of reducing crime and violence in the most volatile communities across Jamaica.

Minister Browne announced that the UK’s Department for International Development, DFID, will allocate 750-thousand pounds, or approximately J$100 million to the Ministry’s Citizen Security and Justice programme, CSJP.

Minister Nelson says the allocation will assist the CSJP to expand its services to more at-risk communities island wide.

The CSJP is a multi-faceted crime and violence prevention initiative of the Ministry of National Security which focuses on building community safety and security.

The programme provides crime and violence prevention services to vulnerable and volatile communities, strengthens crime management capabilities, and conducts institutional strengthening of the Ministry of National Security.

Minister Brown made the announcement this morning following a tour of Tivoli Gardens, and during a meeting in Denham Town with residents of western Kingston who have benefitted from CSJP programmes.

Minister Browne said: “It is essential that communities which have been affected by violence and insecurity have access to basic services and economic opportunities.  We believe that the Citizen Security and Justice Programme – which we are delighted to support – will make an important contribution to this essential task.”

The money will allow the CSJP to expand its programmes to 39 volatile and vulnerable communities in eight parishes island wide.

Under the programme, the CSJP will aim to improve the delivery of basic government services to these communities, and will also

support improved access to economic and employment opportunities within these communities.

Minister Browne said the programme will aim to achieve four objectives within the next six months.

These are: vocational training for 1,300 young people with job placements for at least 120 of them; counseling and training in life skills and parenting for more than 4,000 people; training for at least 60 community action committee members in advocating and lobbying to help them secure the public services needed in their communities; refurbishing of five community centres.

During the meeting at the Denham Town Community Centre, residents from Matthews Lane, Brown’s Town, Parade Gardens, Fletcher’s Land, Tivoli Gardens, Hannah Town, Denham Town, and Trench Town (all in western Kingston) spoke glowingly about the work of the Citizen Security and Justice Programme and the invaluable assistance it has provided in improving their lives and empowering them to become better citizens.


Issued by: The Ministry of National Security

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