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National Security minister Derrick Smith this afternoon officially opened the Sligoville Police station.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Minister thanked the Chinese government for working with the Jamaican government to establish the facility which is part of the Sligoville Sports Complex. He also commended the former Member of Parliament, K.D. Knight for the effort he made to get the complex, and to ensure that it was built.
He also congratulated the residents of Sligoville and surrounding areas for the climate in which they accommodated the Chinese visitors.
Minister Smith said the construction of the $222milion complex should become a catalyst for the development of the area in the future, and called on the Member of Parliament, Mrs. Natalie Neita-Headley and the councillor, Owen Stephenson to ensure that this takes place. He said with the history that Sligoville has, the community has vast potential for development, whether as an agricultural centre or as a tourism centre.
More than 10,000 people in St. Catherine will be served by the Sligoville Police Station which covers over 20 police districts, including Rock hall, Pleasant Hill, and St. Jago Heights. There will be 13 members of staff assigned to the police station.
Turning to the state of police stations island-wide, Minister Smith said a promise has been made design a programme to have all police stations in an acceptable condition within a five year period.
He said the Ministry is looking at ways and means of finding partners particularly in the private sector to assist in meeting the objective of having police stations repaired.

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