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Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Col. Trevor MacMillan this morning visited the Horizon Adult Remand Centre and the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre where he met with juveniles being housed at both institutions.
Addressing the media following the tour, the minister said he wanted a firsthand look at the conditions under which the juveniles were being housed.
He said while the situation is not ideal, he reiterated that the juveniles are not being kept in the same area as the adult inmates.
Minister MacMillan also praised the staff of both institutions for the work they are doing with the juvenile offenders.
During his visit to Horizon, the 13 female juvenile offenders were participating in a science class; some of the 40 juveniles at Fort Augusta were in an English class.
It was also pointed out that the juveniles at For Augusta were exposed to skills training, including hairdressing and sewing.
The National Security Minister noted that efforts are being redoubled to get the necessary resources to rehabilitate Montpelier in St. James so it can house the male juvenile offenders.
Female juvenile offenders are to be housed at the Rio Cobre Centre once the male juveniles are transferred to Montpelier.
There are 27 male juveniles at Horizon facing charges ranging from murder to larceny to housebreaking.
Of the 40 juveniles at Fort Augusta, 12 are on remand, 26 are on Correctional Orders, and 2 were convicted. One was given 5 years for manslaughter, while the other received 9 months for a drug related offence.
The female juveniles are charged with offences including assault, larceny and wounding. Some have also been deemed uncontrollable.
Minister MacMillan noted that some of the juvenile offenders at Fort August were sent there directly by the courts, while some were transferred from the Armadale facility because they were disruptive and posed a security risk.
He noted that Section 68 of the Child Care and Protection Act 2004 provides for the transfer of juvenile offenders to adult institutions by the courts if they pose a security risk or are disruptive in the juvenile institutions.
The visit to the institutions today follows last week’s incident at the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre. The investigation into that matter is still being carried out.

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