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The National Road Safety Council, took its ‘Road Safety Crash Car Promotion’ to St. Catherine on the weekend, with stops at centres in Portmore and Spanish Town.
The promotion is part of a national campaign to promote road safety and reduce crashes.
Sean Witter of the National Road Safety Council, who spoke to JIS News at the Portmore event, said that the island wide campaign was targeted at drivers of public passenger and commercial vehicles, as these drivers were more susceptible to road crashes.
“They work all day and sometimes all night, and they have access to the bars and that’s where the danger is. Of course, we want to target the youngsters, who party, but today’s event is really targeting the taxis, buses,” he said.
Taxi operator Delgado Williams, who plies his trade in Portmore, urged those of his trade to remember that they were responsible for people’s lives, and so they must always make the right decisions in terms of road safety.
“Instead of working right through the day and when you are thirsty you drink a beer, drink a bottle of water or a soda. Take some rest and it can avoid a whole lot of damage,” he said.
Another taxi operator from Portmore also advised his fellow colleagues to slow down to avoid road crashes. “At the end of the year, when you check the amount of tickets that you have to pay out, sometimes it’s more than you earn for the year. So, if you going down the road and yuh buck up on a line of traffic, join the line man. Yuh overtake a line of traffic, yuh get charge fe dangerous driving, reckless driving and that’s 14 points off yuh licence,” he said, noting that the habit also caused accidents.
The promotion started at the Portmore Mall, before moving on to Port Henderson, Naggos Head, Portmore Pines, Portmore Mall, before ending at the Spanish Town Mall.

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