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The annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast 2006, will be held on January 19, under the theme ‘Choose you this Day.’
This event will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston and will once again be sponsored by Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), which has sponsored the event for the last 20 years. The prayer breakfast was launched today (January 16), at the Pegasus Hotel.
Over 400 dignitaries from the public and private sectors as well from the church are expected to attend this year’s breakfast, which will be led by Governor-General His Excellency Sir Howard Cooke, and will include Prime Minister P.J Patterson as well as Leader of the Opposition, Bruce Golding.
Explaining the continued support of VMBS to the event as well as the continued staging of the event, President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Powell noted that the event was not being held in vain.
“Some may feel we gather in vain but there is nothing futile about our efforts. Let us never scoff at the concept of gathering to pray, to throw up our hearts to God in earnest and with fervour. We are only doing what comes naturally to us as our country is in distress,” Mr. Powell explained.
Since January 1981, the breakfast has been held to foster greater unity in the nation, particularly among the nation’s leaders, and in recent times attention has also been focused on the country’s crime statistics.
Each year the Prayer Breakfast has undertaken the sponsorship of a particular project and this year the organization will sponsor the computer laboratory at the Rio Cobre correctional facility in St. Catherine.

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