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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, will receive an update on the progress that the Government has made, to put into action key policy initiatives at a National Planning Summit (NPS) in Kingston tomorrow (Jan 7).
The national assembly is being convened by the Programme Management Office (PMO) in the Office of the Prime Minister and will bring together expert teams of planners who will report on how much has been achieved in the areas of job creation, tax reform, debt reduction, investment promotion, education and training.
Minister of National Security, Col Trevor MacMillan, will give a report on crime and violence and Ministers without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Senators Dwight Nelson and Don Wehby, will address governance and bureaucracy and the establishment of an International Financial Centre, respectively. Progress made in development approvals and land titling will be given by Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Project Implementation and Service Delivery, Daryl Vaz.
The meeting will be an important forum for planners to share the results of their efforts and make suggestions on how to overcome obstacles to successful project implementation.
The PMO will use the information from the meeting in a critical review and analysis, to inform the assessment and recommendations. The meeting will address the mechanisms to keep the public informed on these matters of national importance.

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