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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Mining Marcia Forbes, has said that she fully expects the National Energy Policy to be completed by the end of June, 2009. The Permanent Secretary made the statement at last week’s opening of the Green Expo 2009 at the National Arena in Kingston.
“We are working assiduously on the National Energy Policy and are committed to an end of June deadline…within the Ministry we have the relevant experts and stakeholders driving the process to ensure that this deadline is kept,” she emphasised.
In addition to the National Energy Policy the Ministry is working to complete the Carbon Emissions and Bio-fuels Policies, a Waste to Energy Policy and is also developing several strategies pertaining to renewable energy. The Waste to Energy Policy, the Permanent Secretary informed “is not on the Ministry’s agenda for this financial year. The others are and we are pushing to ensure that they are completed”. Continuing, Mrs. Forbes asked for the patience of the Jamaican people during this process as she explained that policies take time to develop, as a result of the consultative process that is involved. When completed the National Energy Policy will outline the Government’s programmes and plan of action to effectively manage and further develop Jamaica’s energy sector. The policy will among other things ensure stable and adequate energy supplies at the least economic cost, reduce Jamaica’s dependence on oil through the development of renewable and alternative energy sources and technologies and minimise the adverse environmental effects and pollution caused by the production, storage, transport and use of energy.

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