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Principal Director of the Standards Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the Cabinet Office, Dwight Uylett, says that the Unit will soon be presenting a National Customer Service Policy to Cabinet, for consideration.
The Policy is part of efforts by the Unit, which falls under the Public Sector Modernisation Division, to implement a Customer Service Programme across the public sector.
Mr. Uylett was speaking at the Public Sector Customer Service Training Seminar 2010, at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Tuesday (March 3), where he also disclosed that the Cabinet Office will be digitising the national customer service framework.
“We are moving to enable the national customer service programme, and that will ensure that as much efficiency and economy is prevalent in the way we work, and it is not as burdensome to track and report on performance,” he said.
The seminar was designed to help frontline workers in the public sector deliver quality customer service and was held under the theme ‘The Principles and practices of Direct Customer Interface’.
Head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Centre of Excellence, Dr. Derrick Deslandes, explained to participants that customer service was the most important marketing tool of any organisation.
“If the one-on-one interaction between yourself and the customer is not healthy, no amount of PR (public relations) can save you. PR can only take you so far and no more,” Dr. Deslandes said.
Customer service representatives and other frontline public sector workers were provided with practical tools to use, to ensure that the public is satisfied when doing business with their organisations. They also asked questions regarding management of the Direct Customer Interface and brainstorm solutions for dealing with frequently encountered scenarios.
Mr. Uylett urged the over 200 attendees to impart the knowledge they acquire to their colleagues, and to ensure that they practise what they learnt.

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