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The National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) has been commended for providing avenues through which senior persons in the society can benefit from training, and improving their knowledge.
The commendation came from Principal of the Marcus Garvey Technical High School in St. Ann, Leslie Riley, as he addressed a graduation ceremony for seniors, who participated in an eight-month computer training course organized by the NCSC, in collaboration with the St. Ann Parish Library and Sandals Dunn’s River Hotel and Spa. The function was held recently at the Runaway Bay United Church.
Mr. Riley also lauded the seniors, who took part in the course, stating that “you have given practical meaning to the idea of lifelong learning.”
“You have shown tangibly to our younger citizens that education is indeed very important. You have also demonstrated to our youngsters, practically, that there is never a time in one’s lifetime when education is irrelevant,” Mr. Riley stated.
He expressed the hope that the achievement of the seniors would serve as an inspiration to young people, many of whom take learning for granted.
“We are encouraged by your fixity of purpose, your tenacity, your resilience and your ability to place yourself in the mainstream of the economic life to the country by taking advantage of the opportunity to develop your computer skills,” he stated.
“We take pride in your fortitude, foresight and your flexibility. Your achievement has demonstrated that you are not prepared to limit yourself to the precinct of old age and that you are more than prepared to be all that you can be in your lifetime,” Mr. Riley added, while wishing the seniors success and God’s continued blessings in their future endeavours.

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