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A National Committee is being set up for the planning of activities to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence in 2022.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Hon. Olivia Grange, said a Secretariat for Commemorative Events and Special Projects at the Ministry will have responsibility for “the planning, implementation and monitoring of activities” for Jamaica’s 60th Anniversary of Independence.

Project Director, Secretariat for Commemorative Events and Special Projects at the Ministry, Lenford Salmon, told JIS News that the Ministry is currently laying the “groundwork” for the celebrations.

“We strongly believe that there should be broad-based involvement in planning any milestone commemoration of this nature. We did the same for Jamaica 50 and Jamaica 55,” he said.

He said that the Secretariat is charged with coming up with draft plans under the direction of Minister Grange.

Mr. Salmon said that these plans will go before the Committee, which will involve civil society and the Opposition.

“So, we will have a broad consensus on what we ought to be doing for Jamaica 60,” he added.

He said that the Committee will also focus on the Diamond Legacy Projects and monitor the completion of the Jamaica 55 Legacy Projects to commemorate the nation’s anniversary.

“We strongly believe that we must be able to point to, in years to come, that these projects were conceived and materialised as major commemorations of our Diamond Jubilee,” he said.

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