JIS News

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Jamaica, Michael Conway, noting the invaluable service being provided by the national airline, said that “if Jamaica did not have a national airline, the situation after Hurricane Dean would have been a lot worse.”
“We flew more extra sections than any other airline,” Mr. Conway told JIS News in an interview, noting that “Jamaica was absolutely our number one priority.”
In further highlighting the benefits of Air Jamaica, Mr. Conway disclosed that, “the airline already carries 50 per cent of all scheduled air passengers in and out of Kingston” while “the other airlines focus mainly on the tourist sectors.”
Underscoring Air Jamaica’s role as a good corporate citizen, Mr. Conway stated that, “despite financial challenges faced by the airline, we have a strong commitment to people in need.”
He noted that “Air Jamaica is a business so we can’t fly everyone free, but we never say no to any request for assistance of a humanitarian nature or those which will allow us to maintain the balance between being a good corporate citizen and providing a good return on investment.”

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