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The National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) is giving full support to the fifth Biennial Diaspora Conference, scheduled for this weekend at the Montego Bay Conference Centre.

Thirty-two members of the United States (US)-based Diaspora group will attend the June 16 to 19 event, which is the largest delegation since the inception of the conference.

According to President of NAJASO, Roy Davidson, the organisation will be attending to show support and partnership with the Diaspora movement.

“We believe it is imperative that our member organisations in the United States (US), Bermuda, the Caribbean and our new … Central American group support our Government and the movement in its quest to build a better Jamaica for all our people,” he stated.

“We believe that the 5th Biennial Diaspora Conference will be the most significant conference in the history of Jamaica in that it will present us with a wide array of opportunities. We need to be at the forefront of change and our member organisations will be provided the opportunity to assist Jamaica in a significant way through volunteerism and philanthropic work. It is imperative that NAJASO positions itself as part of the catalyst for change in these modern times,” he noted further.

The NAJASO President commended the Jamaican Government for staging the conference, noting that its convening is both “opportune and necessary.”

He said that there is an increasing need for small developing countries like Jamaica, to bring to bear, the expertise of those in the overseas community to respond to the challenges brought about by globalisation.

Mr. Davidson pointed out that in its 36-year history, NAJASO has placed emphasis on trade and investment, education, technology, health, business, tourism and culture and has been greatly assisted by the increasingly close collaboration forged with the Embassy of Jamaica and the Jamaican Government.

“This cooperation will allow us to target our efforts and resources in specific areas and thus respond to urgent and specific needs,” he stated.

The Diaspora Conference themed: ‘A Nation on a Mission – Jamaica Diaspora Partnership for Development’ will involve hundreds of participants representing several Jamaican organisations, as well as professional and business interests drawn from Jamaica, the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, and the US.

NAJASO is an umbrella association of Jamaicans and supporters throughout the US and internationally.

The group will stage its 36th annual conference at the Secret Hotel in Montego Bay from July 18 to 20. The theme for the conference is: ‘NAJASO: Partnership for Transformation.’

Contact: Derrick A. Scott

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