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Government is moving to take a multi-Agency/multi- pronged approach to solving the problem of explicitly sexual and violent songs and their wide accessibility in the public space.
In a statement today, Minister with responsibility for Information, Daryl Vaz, said this approach would continue until successful outcomes are achieved and sustained.
While commending the efforts already being undertaken by the police and the Ministry of Transport, which are working collaboratively to remove explicitly sexual and violent songs from the vehicles of public transportation and public places so as to maintain law and order, Mr. Vaz said more has to be done to achieve the desired outcomes.
Earlier this year the Broadcast Commission issued directives to media houses aimed at eliminating from the airwaves, lyrics which were extreme and hardcore, as some media houses were engaging in what Mr. Vaz referred to as a “no holds barred” approach to programming. The Minister noted that despite these regulations, boundaries are still being breached.
“There were weaknesses in management controls over output, and some on-air persons lack a basic understanding of the critical role that media plays in development. In light of extensive research which reveals that songs with violent lyrics increase aggression, related thoughts and emotions, and feelings of hostility without provocation, regulatory intervention is necessary and since then, great strides have been made in building consensus around Content Standards”, the Minister said.
Mr. Vaz said the recent meeting with dancehall artistes, Mavado and Vybz Kartel, was a part of the efforts of promoting peace, positive values and attitudes, through dialogue.
The Minister has called for co-operation and national support “to make the necessary sacrifices, whether to our political or social popularity, our viewership, listenership, advertising or our commercial bottom lines, to make this vision a reality and safeguard Jamaica”.

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