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Energy Minister, Clive Mullings, has stressed the need for innovative ideas and action in addressing the country’s energy challenge.
Speaking at the national finals of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) schools science and technology expo at the Hilton Kingston Hotel on Friday (June 20), Mr. Mullings said that too much time was being spent talking about problems and plans to address them, rather than effecting practical solutions.
“I believe that… we talk a lot, especially as politicians. I believe (that) you must find the solution, then talk. When we exercise our minds. and throw the ideas out, we believe (that) we have accomplished much but we have accomplished nothing. What are the concrete things that we have put on the table? We have not moved one step further,” the Energy Minister stated.
Mr. Mullings praised the students for the innovativeness reflected in their displays, noting that they were integral to charting Jamaica’s future in terms of effectively addressing the energy crisis.
“You have captured the spirit of innovation. (and have) compared what we are doing now with what we should be doing, and (you) have shown the difference. What you have here is not just a competition. The children, now, are seeing the way the world should be going and are finding the solutions. The essence of it all is that search for solutions and it is something that we have to harness in Jamaica,” the Minister stated.
Mr. Mullings commended the JPS for the focus, which the company continues to place on education, with emphasis on science and technology and its role in national development.
Kingston’s Norman Manley High School emerged the overall winner of this year’s competition with the entry ‘Solarcity’, which involved the use of large lenses, among other apparatuses, to energize a solar-powered battery.

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