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Opposition Spokesman on Mining, Energy and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings has suggested that the Weights and Measures Act be amended to include volumetric measurement of any equipment or receptacle and to prescribe the methods of measurement and the compulsory calibration of all equipment, including pumps, used in the sale of liquids to the public.
Mr. Mullings, who was making his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 27, noted that the legislation would guard against price gouging and exploitative practices.
He pointed out that efforts by the Bureau of Standards to pass regulations to deal with the petroleum sector on the basis of the need to measure the volume of fuel in a tanker and holding area, and to set the temperature at which petroleum was sold, had been met with an injunction filed by several petroleum companies.
“The reliance on a dip-stick method of measuring fuel is both outdated and dishonest,” he stated.
Still on the matter of energy, Mr. Mullings said the country’s energy needs must now be determined by engaging international experts to conduct a full energy audit to establish the requirements for the next 14 years, with a mixture of alternative and renewable energy, and fossil fuels.
“There must be energy systems research and it is time for us to look to the University of Technology to put their research prowess to work to help us in this process,” Mr. Mullings submitted. He also proposed that the government reduce the tax take on diesel-powered vehicles “in a significant way, to assist the drive of conservation and efficiency”.
Further, the West Central St. James Member of Parliament said, there should be a regional heads of government conference devoted to the prospects of energy for the Caribbean, its challenges and possibilities, and, “we must develop a culture of conservation, a protocol systematic in approach and informed by tax incentives and benefits.it must be mandatory for all government buildings and government funded institutions to be equipped with solar technology”.

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