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Several persons in St. James, including housewives, professionals and small business operators, came out recently in full support of the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign, by collecting seeds and seedlings from the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), St. James branch, in Montego Bay.
The planting materials, which included tomato, cabbage, calalloo, corn, and a variety of exotic vegetables, were distributed to the “new breed” of farmers for their back-yard gardens.
They were also informed about the necessary planting techniques, proper use of fertilizers, care of plants and reaping and disposal of produce, by President of the St. James Association of Branch Societies, Glendon Harris and his team from the parish.
Mr. Harris, who is also First Vice President of the JAS, told JIS News that the distribution of seeds and seedlings was part of efforts by the St. James JAS to enhance the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign.
“There has been much talk on back-yard gardening and containerized gardening, but no positive move has been made so far in really encouraging it. The St. James Association of Branch Societies at this time, is taking the step to ensure that householders, housewives and young people get the opportunity to participate in the programme by planting these seeds and seedlings and seeing them mature.We are also encouraging these persons to use organic methods,” Mr. Harris said.
He emphasized that this initiative, if given the necessary support by community members and those in mainstream farming, would go a far way in placing greater focus on eating what we grow.

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