Much Focus on CDA this Fiscal Year

Government intends to continue to improve the work of the Child Development Agency (CDA) this fiscal year, through the establishment of the Children’s Registrar and the employment of a number of key personnel.
“The Children’s Registrar will be an independent body established under the Child Care and Protection Act. It will receive and record all reports of abuse, infringement or deprivation of the child. The report will be forwarded to either the CDA or the Office of the Children’s Advocate for investigation,” he informed. Dr. Davies was opening the 2007/08 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives, yesterday (April 12). The Minister said that a Clinical Psychologist and a Legal Officer, Deputy Managers for each home, as well as Monitoring Officers and Social Workers would be employed. He pointed out that the CDA was now a ‘Type A’ Executive Agency that has been working to provide professional support services for the most disadvantaged children. Since its establishment, the Agency has been successful in placing some 200 children in foster care; 100 per cent investigations and follow-ups have been carried out in reported critical incidences; 210 children were re-united with their families; and the agency provided 15,000 interventions with parents and children with the objective of stabilizing families and preventing these matters to be taken to court.The CDA also renovated the Glen Hope Nursery and the Musgrave and Marigold Child Care facilities.

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