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Wife of Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Lorna Golding, was the special guest at assembly at the Maryland Primary School in Stratford, East London on May 20.
Mrs. Golding accompanied her husband on his first official visit to the United Kingdom as Prime Minister, from May 19 to 25.
During the visit to Maryland, where the principal, Lorna Jackson is of Jamaican heritage, Mrs. Golding answered questions about Jamaica and being the first lady, from the children.
Mrs. Golding, who recently launched the Jamaica Early Childhood Development Foundation, has a particular interest in early childhood education and development.
She was taken on a tour of the school, which operates a specialist early years programme, with both a model nursery and special foundation (kindergarten) classes.
Mrs. Golding briefed the principal on the Foundation, which is seeking to raise US$10 million towards the improvement of nurseries and other early childhood institutions.

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