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Minister of Information Culture, Youth and Sports, Olivia Grange, has said that former Prime Minister, Edward Seaga, is doing well after being hospitalised in Miami in the United States of America (USA) yesterday (Jan.1).
Ms. Grange, who spoke with Mr. Seaga today (Jan. 2), said she was informed by the former Prime Minister that he was referred to hospital by a doctor after suffering an intense bout of coughing.
He told Ms. Grange that medical tests have ruled out pneumonia, however, he was kept in the medical facility as doctors were awaiting the results of other tests.
Mr. Seaga told Ms. Grange that the coughing bouts were triggered by damage to one of his lungs, after he contracted pneumonia 34 years ago, in 1974.
However, he said the coughing fit had become more frequent in recent years and surfaced earlier this week in Miami, where he is visiting his daughter and other family members.
Mr. Seaga, who is with his wife Carla, said that doctors were examining ways to reduce the bouts of coughing to acceptable levels.

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