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Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, Shahine Robinson, has urged Members of Parliament (MPs) to assist the poor and the most vulnerable in their constituencies to access funds provided under the Social and Economic Support Programme (SESP). “Our country is at the beginning of a new paradigm, with great expectations from the populace. Whilst there are numerous opportunities facilitated by such entities as the SESP, it is your responsibility as MPs to help those in need to access them in order to uplift themselves and the communities in which they reside,” Mrs. Robinson said.
She was speaking at a SESP seminar to sensitize new MPs about the best practices and procedures for accessing funding under the programme on Tuesday (Oct. 23) at Jamaica House. “The challenges of the poor, the disabled and the aged, especially those in rural areas, and the financial constraints of needy students in the public education institutions, should be uppermost in your minds as you seek to serve residents of your communities,” she stated. According to Mrs. Robinson, MPs should play role in reducing the stress levels of persons still trying to recover from the impact of Hurricane Dean, as well as the recent heavy rains. “No doubt, the dislocation caused by Hurricane Dean has been further compounded by the recent flood rains. Now more that ever, we need to engage in sober, reasoned and mature consideration of the challenges that face many of our people,” she said.
She further called on the representatives to use the funds received through the SESP wisely and creatively to bring effective results to the people. The SESP was established in October 1990 with a view to reducing the number of persons that are living below the poverty line, by instituting social and economic support programmes that can improve the quality of life of these persons. The SESP is also aimed at alleviating the economic and social hardships being experienced by students attending secondary and tertiary educational institutions, as well as assisting in the establishment of income generating projects in schools.

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