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Member of Parliament for North East St. Elizabeth, Raymond Pryce is urging the House of Representatives to take the necessary steps to rename the Throne Speech the ‘People’s Speech’.

In a resolution tabled in the House on Tuesday (April 24), Mr Pryce said the renaming of the speech would be a “timely and lasting acknowledgement that the priorities, projects, policies and programmes contained in it are intended to honour and give thorough meaning to the primary responsibility of all governments”.

He further noted that as a "tangible development in this our Jubilee year, the resolution should be immediately considered so that this amendment may be approved in prior to and in time for the opening of the 2012-13 legislative year."

"Be it further resolved that this simple yet important reassignment of the name of this most important presentation be understood as a deliberate move towards the full attainment of our sovereignty and in keeping with the purpose of this Parliament and the Government of Jamaica," Mr. Pryce stated.

It is the custom that each year, the government's framework for the year is outlined by a speech delivered by the Sovereign Her Majesty Elizabeth II of Britain or her representative under law, who is the Governor-General of Jamaica.


By Latonya Linton, JIS Reporter