JIS News

Justice Minister Honourable Delroy Chuck is seeking to increase the number of Notaries Public operating In Jamaica.

The Justice Minister made the commitment during a recent meeting at the Ministry of Justice with representatives of the Societies of Notary Public, where several concerns were highlighted.

According to the Justice Minister approximately 50 Notaries Public operate island wide and this number is not enough to serve the Country. The Justice Minister said it his intention to increase that number by 14.

Meanwhile the progress of the issues of new fees for Notaries Public, the appointment process, as well as the issue of who is eligible to become a Notary Public were also discussed.

In keeping with his plans to repeal and replace the Notaries Public Act, Mr. Chuck asked that he be provided with a justification as to why only Lawyers should be appointed Notaries Public; as well as a process towards increasing the numbers of Notaries public in an expeditious manner.  Currently, being an Attorney –at-law, usually of at least ten (10) years standing is the primary qualification for appointment as a Notary Public.

BACKGROUND:Notaries Public carry out the following duties particularly where the document or instrument being the signature of the Notary is to be presented to authorities in another jurisdiction.

  • Attesting to the authenticity of documents
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Acknowledging deeds
  • Taking of affidavits and depositions
  • Noting and protesting charge and bills