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Since the declaration of Mount Salem as a Zone of Special Operations on September 1, 2017, the Social Intervention Committee has coordinated the delivery of critical social interventions by over 20 government agencies with support from the private sector.  The intervention are guided by the Social Intervention framework, which identified seven priority development areas which include improving the physical infrastructure, leadership, youth development and community safety and Security. 

During the first Sixty days, the community benefited from two community fairs which provided a host vital services to over 1400 residents.  This include access to medical and dental services, civil documentation including birth certificates (over 270 residents), NIS and PATH.  Over forty unattached youth were afforded opportunity to sign up for skills training and apprenticeship through HEART TRUST and the HOPE programme. 

Consistent with the priority development areas, the committee is reviewing detailed development plans including work to improve the road infrastructure, water and electricity and solid waste management.  Phase I of this component saw a massive community clean up drive on October 14-16, this resulted in 24 truckloads of waste removed from the community and the engagement of 56 community residents as environmental wardens and will be further and will have receive training prior to becoming gazette environmental wardens. 

A vector control programme has also been implemented in the community and will be ongoing to rid the community rodents and other of vectors. 

Twenty-five (25) community leaders received training as Animators (persons who advocate for positive changes within the community) through a partnership with Citizens Security and Justice Programme, HEART Trust NTA, Peace Management Initiative and the Ministry of National Security on September 30 and October 1, 2017.  These leaders have been at the forefront of each element of the social interventions within the community. 

The Jamaica Constabulary force has also commence its community safety initiative which include reactivating the community youth club and neighborhood watch, and bringing the Mount Salem Primary and Junior High School into its Safe School programme which is part of its broader five point plan for the community. 

Land regularization and tenureship, is also being reviewed with the NLA currently completing cadastral maps of the community. 

Upcoming intervention

  • The community is to in the coming weeks benefit from a targeted programme to be rolled out in the community by the Nation Parenting Support Commission December 1, 2017 for parents. 
  • Social Marketing Campaign by the Ministry of National Security, and the CSJP.  This will see the erection of billboards and other visual signage within the community with positive messaging to commence on December 1, 2017.
  • The Mount Salem Unity Concert scheduled for December 10, 2017.
  • Zinc fence removal programme (Being formulated).
  • Infrastructure to be put in place for proper solid waste management.
  • Road improvement works ( In formulation).
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