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KINGSTON — The Mount Moreland Primary and Junior High School in St. Catherine held its first career day on Wednesday May 18, as the institution moved to better equip students to make informed career choices.

The event, which saw various organisations mounting information booths, also involved participation from neighbouring schools and past students.

“We chose to do a community career fair in order to invite the wider community to be a part of it…the past students, parents and others who are at home, so that they can also sensitise themselves and other children around of the varying career paths that are available,” informed Principal, Dorcas Lee,  promising that the event “will be bigger next year."

Guidance Counsellor, Rosalee M. Thomas, said that the students had long wanted a career day and were filled with anxiety in the days leading up to the event.

“The students were…anxious for career day, wanting to know what they should wear. They are really enthused,” she said.

Head boy, Shakir Aistin, said that the day was a success. “The support is good because the students are co-operating with the (organisations here) and asking (a lot of questions).”

Among the participating organisations were the HEART Trust/NTA, Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), and the Institute of Jamaica/National History Museum.

The day ended with a concert, which showcased the students’ talents in the performing arts.


By CHRISTINE ADE-GOLD, JIS Special Projects/PR Assistant

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