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The importance of early stimulation in the development of young children was highlighted at a workshop for pregnant and lactating mothers at the Buff Bay Health Clinic in Portland on November 8.
Organised by the Early Stimulation Programme in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the workshop was aimed at providing mothers with the necessary information and skills to stimulate their pre-school children, especially those with disabilities.
Early stimulation refers to an exchange of the sensory stimuli of touch, hearing, visual and movement sensations between mother and child. The process helps in the development of the emotional bond between a mother and her child.
The workshop included lectures on ‘The causes of disability and prevention’ and ‘Stimulating the child by creating an environment conducive to learning’, by Antonica Gunter-Gayle, Acting Director of the ESP and Julian Teape, physiotherapist and consultant at the Ministry of Labour, respectively. There was also a drama presentation depicting the importance of early stimulation.
The workshop was the fourth such event since September, with seminars already held in St. Catherine, St. Thomas and Trelawny.
Mrs. Gunter-Gayle told JIS News that she was very appreciative of the support the initiative had received from the people of Buff Bay. She noted that similar workshops would be held in other parishes.
The mothers, who participated in the event, also expressed their gratitude to the ESP for organising the workshop, and gave the assurance that they would endeavour to impart the lessons they have learnt, to other mothers in their communities.

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