JIS News

Most schools in Portland have reported a successful start for the new academic year, despite the dislocations caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav.
Among the schools reporting a smooth start are: Port Antonio High, Titchfield High, Buff Bay High, Port Antonio Primary, Fellowship Primary and Junior High, Ken Wright Primary, and Drapers All-age.
Several Principals told JIS News that they were generally satisfied with the functioning of the schools since Wednesday’s (September 3) re-opening, and expressed optimism that the academic year would proceed without any major dislocation.
Some Principals explained that they were experiencing challenges in respect of space, and shortages of furniture and text books, noting that they have been assured by the Ministry of Education that their concerns would be addressed.
In the meantime, several schools in the parish have still not been able to re-open, because of damage caused by the storm. These include Happy Grove High, Fair Prospect High, Fair Prospect Primary, and Manchioneal All-age Schools.
Apart from sustaining structural damage in several areas, sections of these schools were inundated by flood waters caused by the heavy rains. The Principals have informed JIS News that the necessary repairs and cleaning-up work are being done to enable them to re-open on Monday, September 8.