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    More than $2 billion has been spent through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) on community improvement projects across all 60 constituencies since 2008.
    Director of the CDF Programme Management Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister, Moveta Munroe, informed that just over $1.08 billion was spent on physical infrastructure works including the rehabilitation of farm and minor arterial roads, and upgrading of minor water supply systems.
    In addition, she said, some $1.138 billion went towards human and social development projects “enabling thousands of young people to access different levels of educational assistance, and providing skills training opportunities and promoting competitive spirit among community members through sports development and cultural programmes.”
    Miss Munroe, who was addressing the opening of the Treadways Community Centre in St. Catherine on Wednesday (May 12), noted that the Government has made available some $273 million to carry out economic enablement projects.
    “This has facilitated the exposure of thousands of Jamaicans to training opportunities by agencies such as the Rural Family Support Organisation, the Heart Trust/NTA, and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA),” she informed.
    “I am sure that as we declare the Treadways Community Centre open you can attest to the fact that the CDF has been making a significant difference in the lives of Jamaicans,” she added.
    Meanwhile, Miss Munroe encouraged the residents of Treadways to take proper care of the community centre.
    “I hope that you pursue your plans for equipping the many young people in Treadways with life skills through training and education programmes to be carried on here. Remember that with proper management of this facility the opportunities are boundless,” she stated.
    In his remarks, Member of Parliament for North West St. Catherine, Robert Pickersgill also appealed to the community members to maintain the facility. “I am going to implore each of every one of you to take care of the centre,” Mr. Pickersgill said.
    The objective of the CDF is to empower the Members of Parliament to respond to the needs and priorities articulated by their constituents, thereby achieving improved governance at the local level.
    The main thrust of the fund is to: promote human and infrastructure development at the community and constituency levels; provide a catalyst for economic activities at the constituency level; foster local governance including good environmental stewardship; improve service delivery; bring government and the people closer together; and increase the response capacity of the elected representatives.

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