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Over 160,000 meals have been provided to homeless persons across the island through the Poor Relief Departments since March 29.

Corporate Secretary at the Board of Supervision, Treka Lewis, said that as part of the coronavirus (COVID -19) response, the existing feeding programme was intensified, with most parishes providing two meals per day for six days per week and a care package.

“Through this initiative, over a 17-week period, we have provided over 11,000 care packages, 69,000 breakfasts and over 100,000 lunches,” she said.

Ms. Lewis was addressing a digital town hall hosted by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development on July 30, to highlight the achievements of the Ministry and its agencies over the last year.

The feeding initiative forms part of the Board of Supervision’s programmes administered through the Poor Relief Departments in the municipal corporations, that seek to ensure the care, protection, rehabilitation and relief of the most vulnerable population.

In her report, Ms. Lewis highlighted additional measures put in place to safeguard the homeless including establishment of a new shelter on Church Street, Kingston, that accommodates up to 75 persons on a nightly basis and temporary shelters in Linstead, Old Harbour and Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

She said that plans are advanced for the construction of additional night shelters in Kingston and Trelawny and a soup kitchen on Church Street in order to sustain the current feeding initiative.

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