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Jamaica stands to benefit from more technical expertise in the areas of education and agriculture from Brazil. The Brazilian Embassy also plans to strengthen its diplomatic staff, to increase areas of cooperation between both countries.
These matters formed part of discussions between Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, Brazilian Ambassador, Alexandre Gueros, and the new Minister Counsellor, Julio Boaventura Santos Matos, when they visited with the Prime Minister, at Jamaica House, earlier this week.
Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, noted that strengthening Jamaica’s diplomatic presence in Brazil was high on the priority list of diplomatic expansion. The Prime Minister also expressed gratitude for the assistance and materials that Brazil gave to Jamaica, after the recent flood and hurricane disasters.
The meeting noted that later this month, educators from Jamaica will visit Brazil to observe how that Government brings education programmes to children living in poor urban communities.
Also in November, Brazilian agricultural experts in rice and sugar will give their technical expertise to their local counterparts. Areas to be addressed will include rice growing and the modernisation of the sugar industry for alcohol production. The Prime Minister noted that ethanol production is a critical element in the restructuring of the sugar industry, as sugar refining will have to be cross subsidised by ethanol.
This, he noted was going to be the business model upon which privatisation and modernisation will proceed. Under the terms of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), the Government currently has an agreement with a Brazilian company for ethanol production.
Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, noted that Jamaica will actively lobby for the World Trade Organisation to recognise bio- fuels, including ethanol, as an ecologically friendly fuel, so that border tariffs on export of these products will be removed. He also noted that he was depending on President Lula of Brazil, to be a torchbearer for developing countries at the G20 meeting to be held in the USA this weekend.
The Ambassador noted that reggae music was popular in that country and he was informed that many musical artistes perform in Brazil. The Embassy intends to expose Jamaicans to more Brazilian culture in 2009.

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