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Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, Hon. Damion Crawford, says the Government is working to further regulate the local entertainment industry, in an effort to fast track professionalism and development within the sector.

Making his contribution to the 2012/13 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 17, he said regulation will help the government to identify the practitioners in the field.

"The ultimate return from any people-centric industry, such as entertainment, is based on organisation, and on achieving synergies through competitive co-operation. For the Government to assist in this process, we must regulate the industry," he emphasised.

Mr. Crawford added that the reality is that in order to effectively provide benefits or incentives to encourage entertainers, "we need to know who they are, and who qualifies."

The State Minister said that regulation, and by extension, the establishment of an Artistes Registry, will also help with the free movement of performing artistes across the world.


By Athaliah Reynolds-Baker, JIS Reporter

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