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The St. Elizabeth Parish Council has doubled its complement of municipal police officers, by swearing in eight more on Thursday (March 11).
At the installation ceremony at the Council chamber, Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, charged the new officers to serve without partiality but with restraint in their use of force.
“The power of the office is not to serve special interests, it is to serve the wider community, and the wider community is the parish of St. Elizabeth and the entire island of Jamaica,” Mayor Palmer said.
“You have a scope of authority; it is to be used in the interest of the people of St. Elizabeth, and with courtesy. If you have to take away somebody’s rights, there is nothing which says that you have to take away their dignity. Be guided by those rules because, under my administration, everybody must understand that corruption is zero tolerant,” the Mayor said.
Newly installed officer, Paulette Brown, told JIS News, that she will be working along with the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) to ensure that the market vendors abide by the rules, and that motorists do not block the roads.
“I will also be working with the Tax Office to ensure that barbers, hairdressers, and other business operators observe the rules and regulations,” she stated.
For Denzel Myers, the five-week training has prepared him to take care of the local authority, in relation to the governing of the markets, the bus parks, enforcing the National Solid Waste Authority (NSWA) Act, working with the Inland Revenue Department and ensuring that building codes are followed.
Councillor for the Santa Cruz Division, Stallin Brown, said he expects to see more order in the town, and called on the new recruits to exercise their duties with respect for the people.
“By exercising your duties with respect, the citizens will comply. Force can be used, but only if it is necessary. For the citizens, respect the law,” Councillor Brown said.

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