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The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has announced that, effective today (Monday, May 20), additional information on daily foreign exchange market transactions will be posted on its website.

This decision, according to the BOJ, is intended to foster “greater transparency” in relation to large US-dollar transactions by authorised foreign exchange dealers and cambios and improve public access to market information.

“The additional information being provided will be the volume and price for each US-dollar transaction (buy and sell) of US$100,000 or more, as reported by authorised foreign exchange dealers and cambios, and will be available… at the end of each day’s trading,” the statement outlined.

These transactions, according to the BOJ, “do not represent all of the trading on that day but only the individual trades of US$100,000 or more”.

The Bank further stated that while the information will not identify the counterparties to each transaction, the public will be able to view historical data on this, starting May 20.

The information may be accessed at:

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