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The search for illegal weapons in West Kingston continues to yield results with 28 guns and 8,885 rounds of assorted ammunition recovered so far by the security forces.
A release from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) today (May 29) said that the guns include 14 rifles and 14 hand guns.
The ammunition comprises .357; 9mm; .45; 7.62 long, which are used in SLRs; 7.62 short, used in AK47s; and 5.56 used in M16s.
Up to Friday (May 28), 22 guns and about 7,000 rounds of assorted ammunition were recovered by the joint police/military team.

Ammunition found in Tivoli Gardens.

This is in addition to nine hand grenades, dynamite, two ballistic helmets, and eight vests.
Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, speaking at a press conference yesterday (May 28) at Up Park Camp, said that the search process, which is ongoing, has so far proven to be “very successful.”
“Now that we are able to conduct more indulgent searches in there, we have been coming up with weapons and ammunitions,” he said.
Commissioner Ellington, in the meantime, underscored that to be successful in the mission, members of the force should treat citizens with respect and they should act professionally. “We have made it clear to them that our success in this mission can only be assured by professionalism in the performance of our members,” he said.
He noted that “for many years now, organised crime and transnational organised crime has plaqued Jamaica and we have been in cooperation with our international partners in investigating with a view to bringing down significant figures in organised crime.” He informed that many individuals have been arrested and extradited in the process.

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