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The Government will be placing more focus on growing the economy through production and export, said Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw.
This measure is in addition to prudent management of recurrent expenditure through increased efficiency in debt management, such as reducing interest costs.
Minister Shaw, who was speaking in the House of Representatives last night (Sept. 29) as he opened the debate on the 2009/10 supplementary estimates, said the medium-term production export strategy would include easier access by micro enterprises to cheaper financing.
He noted that the Government had commenced discussions with multilateral agencies in this regard.
The strategy, he said, would also involve focus on agro-processing through backward integration with agriculture (small farmers), and forward integration through hotels and the retail distribution sector.
Export construction in the region, leveraging Jamaica’s experience in architecture and building construction, is also a part of the plan.
In addition, Minister Shaw said Jamaica can break into the financial services market. “Making Jamaica the financial services centre of the Caribbean is a dream that I believe is attainable,” he said.

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