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A US$62,730 grant contract has been signed between the Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Embassy of Japan, for the purchase of two pieces of equipment, which will enhance the laboratory at the facility.
The equipment will assist in the processing of haematology and chemistry samples at the hospital.
The money was provided as part of the embassy’s Grassroots and Human Security Grant Programme (GHSGP), which seeks to provide support for development and capacity building of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs), in the areas of Education, Health, Environment and Agriculture.
Addressing the signing ceremony at the hospital in Kingston on October 22, Health and Environment Minister, Rudyard Spencer, expressed pleasure at the grant, noting that “this gift to purchase analysers for the laboratory department, would assist us in reaching our goal of providing excellent service to the children that we love so dearly.”
“I want to express unreservedly, on behalf of the people and Government of Jamaica, to the people of Japan and the Government, our thanks for this tremendous generosity in providing us with the funds,” he said.
The Minister informed that the sector needs some $2 billion to rehabilitate equipment and plants across the island, and called for greater collaborative efforts, to ensure that the sector is further developed.
“The Government cannot undertake this massive programme for rehabilitation at once. We are looking for partners, as this undertaking is a mammoth one. I invite those companies of goodwill, which have the interest of Jamaica and the poor at heart, to join us in this venture,” he said.
Mr. Spencer emphasised that the sector has a great role to play in protecting the health of the nation, while ensuring that there is a healthy and productive workforce, which is capable of competing in a harsh global climate.
“The health sector plays a tremendous role in supporting our tourism product, because if we are unable to guarantee the health of our visitors, then it won’t be long before our visitors reduce the length of stay and some [may] even stop coming. So, it is in the country’s interest that we have a very vibrant and dynamic health sector,” the Minister said.
In his remarks, Ambassador of Japan, His Excellency Masahiro Obata, emphasised that investments should be made in the children, in the effort to promote sustainable development, “as they are the future leaders of the society.”
“Our contribution today will undoubtedly result in the delivery of quality healthcare and the promotion of the overall well-being of our children.and for this reason, we show our unwavering support,” he said, imploring all to play their part in enhancing the health of children.
Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, Beverly Needham, said that the equipment would strengthen significantly, “our investigative capacity, so that we can improve the quality of care to which we are committed.”
“We are grateful to the Embassy of Japan for its generosity and most importantly, the commitment to health and national development,” she said.
The Bustamante Hospital for Children, established in 1963, is the only paediatric hospital in the English speaking Caribbean, catering to children from birth to 12 years of age.