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State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Delano Franklyn, has joined the many groups and persons in commending the security forces for the efficient and professional manner in which their members handled the events, which unfolded recently in the Canterbury area of Montego Bay.
With the security forces being challenged in Canterbury for several hours by alleged gunmen, on Wednesday (October 15), the security teams managed to overpower the criminals without causing any unrelated civilian deaths or injuries, while also recovering several illegal firearms and ammunition in the process.
Speaking at the ninth staging of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Expo and Trade Fair, at the Cruise Ship Terminal in the Montego Bay Freeport on Friday (Oct. 17), the State Minister opened his presentation by congratulating the security forces for a job well done.
“I know that the security forces do have a very difficult and challenging task, I also do know that we have our different views as to the modus operandi of the security forces. But when there is a problem, when there is a difficulty, it is the security forces that we call. And it is the security forces that have been standing up against the perpetrators of evil, against the perpetrators of violence, and I wish to congratulate them,” he emphasised.
Noting that there were lessons to be learnt from these events, Minister Franklyn said that the first such lesson was the fact that law abiding citizens throughout the country were required to stand up against evil wherever it might exist. He said that this stance was necessary, as there were some things that transcended government, political party and any stake holding group.

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