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MONTEGO BAY — State Minister in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Julian Robinson, has announced that work is advanced to establish another 18 community access points (CAPs) in St. Ann, in addition to the four now operating fully in the parish.

"Very shortly you will have a total of 22 community access points. You will have computers that you as students, as well as the general public, can access and use for productive means,” the Minister said.

He was speaking at an awards ceremony for top Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) students, organised by Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners, at the Cardiff Hotel and Spa, in Runaway Bay, St. Ann, on August 9.

"The Government is also building out an islandwide broadband network that will allow you access to high speed Internet. We don’t want to just have the community centres with computer labs alone and you can’t access the Internet, so we are ensuring that at critical points at our schools, at our libraries and in our post offices, that you have access to high speed Internet,” the State Minister pointed out.

CAP sites are located at the St. Ann’s Bay and Runaway Bay Parish Libraries; the Steer Town Junior High School, and the Ocho Rios, St. Ann’s Bay, Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay Post Offices, including four of the 18  new ones, which are far advanced .

"These are sites where our islandwide broadband network has already reached. The significance of this is at these sites, these are facilities that will allow everyone to use the computers to find opportunities for business and education,” the State Minister told the audience.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robinson encouraged the GSAT students to make the most of the support being given by the bauxite company, and urged them to become rounded students with integrity.

"It is important that you participate in sporting activities, cultural activities, and community service, because you will have a greater appreciation of the society around you, and you will become a better team player,” he added.

In his address, Personnel and Industrial Relations Manager at the company, Nathan Thompson, said Noranda has committed some $25 million for educational support in their operating areas, as part of its contribution to Jamaica 50 celebrations.

Noranda salute the outstanding performers in the recent GSAT examinations who are being honoured today…not only in academics, but in their all-round performance on which these awards are based. Jamaica stands ready to benefit from the sound educational background that has been provided for this batch of outstanding students,” Mr. Thompson said.

Meanwhile, awardee and student at the Glen Preparatory School, D’Sean Hill, in thanking the company on behalf of the awardees, said they will always do well.

"Thank you Noranda for recognising our hard work and dedication and commitment in our academic endeavours. We are grateful for this kind gesture, and be assured that your generosity has motivated us to always do our best,” he told the gathering.

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