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KINGSTON — Morant Bay High School, St. Thomas, recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary with an Open Day and Career Day Expo under the theme "Showcasing Our Talent, Preparing for the Future."

Organised by the Guidance Counselling Department and Teacher/Librarian, Alicia King, the day allowed students to learn about various careers, and showcase their talent at a concert which followed.

“Because the school celebrates 50 years this year, we saw fit to have a career expo and open day, to showcase the students’ talents, and also invited institutions to come and help students to better prepare for the future,” according to Ms. King.

The booths were alive, with students trying to gain as much information as possible.

“I am sensing positive energy, and the students are excited to be able to discuss with the different organization,” Ms. King told JIS News.

Senior Public Relations Accounts Executive at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Allan Brooks, spoke to the students about attributes a journalist, or anyone working in media, should possess.

“You have to be fair, factual and balanced, have an appetite for news, possess stamina, be conscientious, persistent, determined and discerning,” he told the students. He also told them that working in the media can be tough, but also rewarding.                                                              

Head Girl, Fradian Murray, said it was the largest career day she has ever seen in her seven years at the institution.

“It has helped a lot of persons. When I was in Third Form, it really opened my eyes to a lot of different careers,” Fradian said.

She believes in the importance of having a career day, and told JIS News that it was needed, to guide the students in making the right career choices, and selecting the right subjects.

Organizations present at the Expo included the National Land Agency (NLA), the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Heart Trust/NTA, the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), banks, doctors and a lawyer.

The school also hosted mock interviews for fifth form students, to allow to prepare themselves for the world of work.


By CHRISTINE ADE-GOLD, JIS Special Projects/PR Assistant

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