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Plans are far advanced for this year’s staging of the Montpelier Agricultural Show, which has been scheduled for Easter Monday (March 28), at the Montpelier show grounds in St. James. The show is expected to cost the organizers some $1.34 million, and will be staged under the theme: ‘You are what you eat, eat Jamaican’.
President of the St. James Association of Branch Societies and Vice President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Glendon Harris told JIS News that the annual agricultural show should attract some 15,000 patrons and make a profit of about $2.5 million. Last year’s event was cancelled due to the Moko disease, which affected the banana industry in certain parts of the island.
“This year’s show will definitely be a double show, as all our exhibitors are expected to double their efforts in ensuring that show patrons get a double treat this year. We have also put plans in place for the doubling of the entertainment package for both the day and night aspects of the show,” Mr. Harris said.
“The grounds will also be in immaculate condition and security is expected to be at its peak to ensure that all patrons are safe throughout the show,” he added.
Mr. Harris said the show, which would be officially launched on Thursday, February 24, would continue its emphasis on youth in agriculture which was introduced three years ago. He noted that special attention would be given to the marketing of farmers’ produce.
“We are going to place great emphasis on marketing this year, because we recognize that this is a major problem among our farmers. We want to educate farmers to make the necessary contacts prior to the actual starting of their production. We want to bring the farmers to that level where the outlets for their produce are established before they begin production,” Mr. Harris told JIS News.
He said every effort would be made to put on a good display of livestock, including the best in cattle, goat, pigs and a variety of small stock, rabbits and exotic birds.
“Patrons will be in for a treat this year as the entertainment package is expected to include an interesting assortment of vintage names in Reggae music. We are hoping that all of the western region and beyond comes out to support the Montpelier show this year, which is designed to be a day of clean family fun, education and top class entertainment,” Mr. Harris stressed.

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