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Seven schools in Western St. Mary are to gain access to internet service, as a result of the generosity of the Member of Parliament, Hon. Robert Montague.

The schools – Carron Hall Primary, Derry All Age, Donnington Primary, Goshen Primary, Mount Angus Primary, Preston Primary and Wallingford Primary, have each been presented with computer modems to facilitate provision of the service.

The presentations were made during a ceremony at the Council Chamber of the St, Mary Parish Council, on Wednesday (February 2).

The internet access for the schools will be provided by LIME, and acquisition of the service will bring about a significant increase in the number of schools in Western St. Mary having internet connection.

Addressing the presentation ceremony, Mr. Montague said the modems were personal gifts to the schools from his family. He said the gesture was part of an effort to place the children of St. Mary on the information highway, adding that any reduction of that effort will result in their marginalization in the global community.

He emphasized that not only is it necessary to ensure that children are the recipients of a sound formal education, but also important that the learning they acquire be enhanced to the highest level.

Noting that access to the internet was one way of bringing about that enhancement; Mr. Montague said the opening up of information technology to the students of St. Mary had the potential to bring immeasurable benefits to the parish.

He stated that the presentation fitted into the computer distribution programme, currently being conducted among schools, libraries and community organizations in the parish. Fees associated with the provision of the internet service to the seven schools for the rest of the academic year, have already been paid and the schools will assume the responsibility for payments beginning with the new academic year in September.

Mr. Montague implored parents to provide proper guidance for their children in their use of the facility, and encouraged the students to use the service to improve their performance.


Contact:  Aston G. Bailey