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State Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Local Government Reform, Hon. Robert Montague, has approved funding for several infrastructural improvement projects in a number of divisions in St. Thomas.
A sum of $3 million is to be spent on drain cleaning across the parish, inclusive of drain construction, while another $3 million is to go toward improving and rehabilitating minor water systems in the Morant Bay, Port Morant and Yallahs divisions.
At a special meeting of the St. Thomas Parish Council in Morant Bay on July 6, the State Minister pointed out that the Rural Water Company is embarking on a programme to improve water systems, and urged all Parish Councils to take up the invitation to make recommendations for systems that need development.
“The Councillors and the Councils need to come to the table with recommendations for commercially viable systems, and therefore, we are asking that the Council makes the recommendation to the Rural Water Company for a number of these minor water systems,” he told the Councillors.
The Yallahs Market, which is of concern to His worship the Mayor, Councillor Hanif Brown, and other Councillors, will also receive some attention, with an injection of $1.5 million for repairs. However, Mr. Montague mandated that a management team must be put in place to properly oversee the market.
In addition, $300,000 will be used to install street lights on the Danvers Pen bridge in Trinityville, while $500,000 has been approved to purchase an industrial stove for the St. Thomas Infirmary, which is located on the same premises as the Council Chambers.
The State Minister again urged Councillors to find new sources of revenue and solutions for the problems in their divisions.

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