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Medical Officer of Health (MOH) for St. Catherine, Dr. Francisca Prosper-Chen, has raised the importance of parents and schools recognising the value of immunisation.
“It is important that we stress at this time that your child must be fully immunised for school. And for school officials to understand that, if children are admitted who are not fully immunised, we will hold them responsible,” she told JIS News.
“As part of our back to school strategy, we encourage parents to come into the health centres with their cards to make sure that the children are immunised. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children are fully immunised, and it is the responsibility of the schools to ensure that no child is admitted unless fully immunised,” Dr. Prosper-Chen said.
The MOH also said that the thrust that the Health Department is on, is to have a perfect immunisation record by year end, for every child.
“It is part of the mission of the Ministry of Health to have our children immunised. Parents bring in your children. If you are not sure, bring in the card, and you will be advised. Any doubt on the part of the schools, check with the health centres,” she advised.
Commenting on the $2 million donation from the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to boost breastfeeding in Clarendon and St. Catherine, she said both mother and child will benefit.
“For the mother, she will be assured that her baby is getting the best that she can offer, in terms of nutrition. The child gets benefits in terms of an unlimited source of food; the breast milk boosts immunity, and prevents gastroenteritis,” she outlined.
She added that the new push by UNICEF will help to make mothers know that it is a natural alternative, without any financial strains.

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