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The Ministry of Health would like to clarify statements in the media regarding the number of positions to be made redundant, as a result of the merger of the National Health Fund (NHF) and Health Corporation Limited (HCL).

Minister of Health, the Hon Rudyard Spencer

Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, had informed Parliament that over 180 positions would be made redundant, as a result of the exercise. The Minister pointed out that 19 positions will be made permanently redundant, which means that they will not be among those who will be offered six month contracts by the NHF.
In an interview last week, Permanent Secretary, Dr. Jean Dixon, explained the process and supported the Minister’s statement that 19 positions would be made permanently redundant from HCL.
She took the opportunity to indicate that three of those persons were offered jobs with the Ministry of Health that has taken over the incinerator services, previously carried out by HCL. This figure in no way contradicts the Minister’s statement, as these three persons would not be among those employed by the NHF.
The Ministry has had a series of consultations, meetings and discussions with staff, unions and other groups, who may be affected by the merger of the operations of NHF and HCL.

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