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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw, has emphasised that modern technology must be applied in the delivery of quality public service, and in pursuing developmental goals.
“The overall national policy of integrating information and communications technology (ICT) in the delivery of education is highly commendable. Not only is ICT a cost effective vehicle for the delivery of education, but the technology is also a catalyst for development, a platform for the development of other industries and in its own right, is fueling the generation of whole new industries,” the Minister told a graduation ceremony for teachers who participated in the e-Learning Jamaica Project, held at Manchester High School on March 5.
Mr. Shaw argued that students must be prepared for a world of work which is evolving at a breath-taking pace.
“The information technology revolution has already transformed the developed world, has enabled some developing countries to advance, and is challenging countries at our stage of development to embrace the technology or be stuck in persistent under-development,” he said.
The Minister stressed that the application of cutting edge technology is no longer optional, as “the competitiveness of our production will determine our ability to grow our way out of our difficulties going forward. Therefore, we must seek to use the technology to modernise our industries, achieve greater levels of productivity and respond more quickly to the increasingly discerning consumer at home and abroad.”
He told the graduates that the new knowledge that they have gained is crucial in the development of their students. “The computer itself can become important tools in the process of enhancing reading and comprehension, which are fundamental building blocks to a literate and productive society. The best challenge that you have is ahead of you, to go and use this knowledge that you have embraced, and impart it to the children, so that as young people, the light of understanding can be revealed to them and we can be part of a more productive and prosperous society,” he said.

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