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Users of the Ocho Rios Health Centre in St. Ann are benefiting from more aesthetic surroundings, thanks to the effort of the La Vision modelling agency.
The models in the agency recently cleaned up the facilities as part of their training programme.
Manager of the La Vision, Daniel Rose, told JIS News that the models are being trained to know that they have a responsibility to play an effective role in the society.
“We believe that we are not only responsible for getting our models beautiful and presenting an image to the world that they are just to be soft and petite. A model should be civic minded and we at La Vision are training our models in such a way that they will come to realize that being a model is more than just outward appearance,” he said.
He appealed to members of the public to support the agency, as the members would be embarking on other projects in the parish to help create a healthier environment.
Model, Trisha Cameron said the work done at the Ocho Rios Health Centre entailed making the place look presentable. “It’s all about cleanliness and it is teaching me how to go about promoting a healthy lifestyle,” she said.
Meanwhile, nurse at the Health Centre, Corrine Ball, thanked the models at La Vision for the work they had done at the centre, and wished for them prosperity in their future endeavours.

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